Our tumbling program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.  This is a non competitive program where each child can progress at their own pace and level through movement, skills, and exercise. We use equipment with children in mind: Spring floor, various mats, a 30 ft. long tumble track, tension bands and more  to assist in drills to help the child achieve their next goal.  We have everything from Pre K to Grade School tumbling classes that teach new skills and confidence.

Creative Learning · Make New Friends · Build Self-Confidence 


Tumble Tots

This class is for toddlers ages 2-3 yrs old and is to help teach the basic body movements of tumbling, balance, help with socialization, build strength and more.

Tumble Tykes

This class is for ages 4-5 yrs old and is not only designed to build strength, balance, body shaping for tumbling but we increase mobility and flexibility.  Its a great option for children looking to get that extra energy out while learning how to listen in class and work with others.

Level 1

Ages 6 and up who are beginner tumblers and need to learn the very basics of tumbling.  They will learn the body shapes necessary to develop future skills while building strength, flexibility and mobility.  Skills such as bridges, handstands, bridge walks, back bend and more are taught in this class.

Level 2

This class is for any child who is still new to tumbling but has skills from level 1 perfected.  This class will focus on building strength and more flexibility that is needed on higher level classes.  This class will also include harder drills to build body awareness and confidence in tumbling.

Level 2.5

This class will be focused on drills and exercises to achieve the tumbling skills needed to advance onto level 3.  The athlete must perfect cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, back walkover, front walkover and combination passes. 

Level 3

This class focuses on skills and drills for the back handspring, front handspring, body shaping and the strength needed to do these skills.


This class is used to build your skills and will use drills to teach several advanced tumbling skills such as layouts, whips, tucks, ariels, arabians and more.